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Beyond a statement it sits at the core of our vision for the industry .



 There are two different models for providing internet service in colocation facilities. One is carrier neutral and the other is carrier specific. Carrier neutral Data Centers offer customers more connectivity paths and are generally the option of choice.

The main reason why the carrier neutral model is better suited for colocation customers is that it encourages competition amongst the telecom providers on quality and price and generally offers the best quality of service at the most optimal cost.

N+ONE carrier-neutral Data Centers are going beyond the mere provision of colocation space for your IT infrastructure. They also provide you with straight forward connectivity options to the widest choice of carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges, Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and a host of other network service providers, which enables you provide a high quality end user experience by leveraging the tightly knit telecommunication mesh that is readily available to you

A truly carrier-neutral Data Center should exist independently of any one network, hardware or software vendor and should have no restrictive affiliation to any one partner. What this does is attract the widest range of connectivity providers into the facilities and this translates into you having a real choice of providers who are all competing to deliver the best performance, service and price to your applications and platforms.

With the carrier specific model, you are required to give away your right to choose which carrier would provide your internet/WAN connectivity. You choose the facility that you want your server hosted at and then, whatever carrier they have, that’s the one you use for all your telecom links. The problem with this model is that it doesn’t let you shop around for the best price or the best service.

At N+ONE, our Connectivity Hubs will also ensure that you have access to the right carriers to meet your needs, whether that’s type of connectivity, geographical coverage or verticale-specific services.