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All our facilities are fitted with premium offices and spaces for disaster recovery purposes. Available on a 24/7 basis


Any company is exposed to various types of risks: water damage, fire, malicious act, inaccessible site, etc. However, any interruption of activity impacts the relations with customers and suppliers and damages the image and the performances of the company. Especially since it is not conceivable to be cut off from the world in times of crisis, even a small working space could allow your crisis committee to take the necessary steps to avoid a total shutdown of your business activity.

This is why N+ONE provides its customers with a fallback space pre-equipped with workstations, printers, network equipment, etc. and pre-configured to allow immediate access to your systems. In the event of a major disaster , your teams will have the opportunity to retreat to this secondary workspace to ensure business continuity.

We guarantee you optimal operational conditions:

  • Total availability of the DR 24/7
  • Guaranteed provision of a minimum of working positions even in a multi-client disaster situation
  • Availability of very high internet speeds on the fallback space
  • Provisioning of shared office equipment (printer, scanner, etc.)
  • High level physical security (Site protected 24/7 by a dedicated security team)
  • Availability of different service levels



Our commitment is to provide work positions within a contractual period, allowing you to react in case of disaster and to continue your professional activities

Our DR positions are either dedicated or shared between several customers. The combination of both possibilities combines scalability and availability at the lowest cost. Our exclusive provisioning system guarantees a availability of fallback positions in all circumstances, including multi-disaster or multi-client claims.